One Cork mum's poetic take on the coronavirus

Carrigaline mother-of-three ELAINE O’SULLIVAN is doing her best to get through the Covid-19 crisis — and was moved to compose this poem about these strange times
One Cork mum's poetic take on the coronavirus

SHARED EXPERIENCE: Elaine O'Sullivan, of Carrigaline, with her three children, Ava, aged 11, Olan, aged 9, and Ethan, who is 6

Here mum of three Elaine O'Sullivan shares her poem about how she and her family are dealing with Covid-19

Coping with Corona in Cork!

When I first heard of Corona,

I thought “that doesn’t apply to me”,

But I now know that’s not the case,

It knows no boundaries, land or sea.

On Thursday 12th March,

Leo told schools and creches to close their doors,

The kids thrilled at getting freedom,

Unaware of what lay in store!

Things started changing so fast,

I found it hard to keep up with the pace,

Shops closing, gatherings cancelled, working from home,

Stay 2 metres apart, wash your hands, no meetings face to face.

I wished I had known it was coming,

I would have done more to prepare,

I’d have visited my parents, hugged them tightly, made more of an effort,

Visited scenic places, gone away with my friends, sorted my hair!!!

On Friday 27th March, lockdown was announced on T.V,

Restricting our movements, closing businesses, cocooning the elderly,

Life as we knew it ceased to be.

The lack of control and speed of events unnerved me,

My reaction was to cry,

I knew logically why things had to be this way,

If we didn’t, even more people would die.

I was also so used to my life being routine,

Predictable, consistent and planned,

And all of a sudden I had no control,

And how was I going to make the kids understand!

I felt frustrated, fearful and anxious,

overwhelmed at the tasks that lay ahead,

home schooling while working and doing domestic duties,

as well as keeping the kids happy, fulfilled and well fed!

Will I be able to do it,

Will I come out of it with my sanity intact,

The longer it goes on, I will struggle,

That is an undeniable fact!

There is comfort in knowing we are all in this together,

Trying to find our feet and not let fear overtake,

all trying to accept, adapt, meet the challenges,

Making some sacrifices for all of our sakes.

I have stopped getting all of the info,

For a while I was #obsessed,

Statistics, the countries, the height of the curve,

For my sanity, I had to give it a rest.

I now take each day as it comes,

And try not to think too far down the line,

I stay connected using zoom, I’ve a house with more than one room,

And my family and friends are all fine.

I hope I come out of this more grateful,

And not go back to the pace of life that was before,

I’ll try to complain less, well I’ll do my best,

And I’ll show my parents I love them even more!

So, although life now is so strange,

With each day I’m better able to cope,

We are closer to flattening the curve, for our sakes and those we love,

And then Corona will abate soon, we hope!

I look forward to hugging my parents,

Having a drink and catching up with my friends,

But before this — fixing my hair, it’s some state, I swear!

I’ll have to box dye if this corona don’t end!!

So, Corona, could you please buzz off now,

You have done enough harm over here,

Many have died, more are sick and afraid,

What’s for certain, no-one will forget this year!

So no doubt, humanity will forever be changed,

Because of this period in time,

So let’s all do our bit, keep the flame of hope lit,

And now I’ve come to the end of my rhyme!

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