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Video & Pictures: Ball Run and road race bring St Patrick's weekend to a close

THE fourth annual Cork Lion's Club ball run brought the St Patrick's weekend festivities to a close yesterday.

Supporters had purchased 12,000 balls to roll down Patrick's Hill in order to raise funds for the club defibrillator programme. The club has already installed two defibrillator boxes in the city centre and plans to have another seven installed by the end of 2017.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to again run the Patricks Hill Ball Run. it has proven to be a hugely colourful and fun event for the many families who showed up on the hill and raised much-needed funds," said President of Cork Lions Club, Brian Daly.

There was also a big turnout for the annual Lee Fields 4-Mile Road Race, organised by Hello Sunday Morning, the HSE, the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, and the Southern Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force