Affordable architecture: Expand your home without expanding your budget

Growpad: Designs, finds the right builder, and creates dream home extensions for everyday homeowners like you.
Affordable architecture: Expand your home without expanding your budget

Growpad makes expanding your home easy and affordable

A totally new start-up, Growpad’s journey has only just begun but it’s a company that has been missing from the market for a long time now- growing your home at an affordable price functioning as a force for positive change within the industry.

Managing Director Catarina Tinoco set up Growpad in June of 2020. What was a trying time for a lot of businesses, Growpad grew and it’s no wonder.

Whilst you might watch Dermot Bannon’s ‘Room to Improve’ and think it’s all out of reach, Growpad confirms that it’s not. 

Your home doesn’t have to be a mansion located in the countryside as Growpad specializes in the residential and domestic market. You can also get a one-hour virtual property assessment by an architect for just €50 plus Vat. If the client wants to move forward with designs Growpad will provide up to three design options rather than just one based on the client's brief. “We give you something tangible making the decision process easier and more enjoyable,” said Catarina. Growpad shows something the client was expecting and something they weren’t, meaning they’re spoiled for choice without spoiling their budget.

The virtual assessments offered by Growpad mean that plans don’t have to be put on hold. When COVID lapses and construction starts again, their client's plan will be ready to be brought to life and their journey of improving their home begins with a simple click of a button.

“People see all these great design programs on tv and they think those designs aren’t affordable or achievable. The message we want to put out there is that you can have that, without having to pay an architect €150 per hour. Once you accept the Zoom link your project becomes something imaginable, you’ve added to your lifestyle and you can have that and for a lot less than you think,” said Catarina. 

Architectural process steps usually involve giving the plans to a builder, meaning that it’s only later when the realization occurs that it’s out of your budget. Growpad goes through the options and wants to make it as affordable as possible for their clients. “When you go to an architect you get a design, not a number, mentally that’s your only option,” Catarina said. Growpad does things a little differently, “If it’s out of your budget we suggest rethinking your plans. As much as we would want to go ahead with your project, we want you to be able to afford that project,” she continued.  

Growpad- Home extensions within your reach
Growpad- Home extensions within your reach

There are many benefits to improving your home and according to Growpad not only does it increase the value of your home, but you also increase your quality of life, “Doing something to your home is never really an expense it’s more of an investment," said Catarina.  

Growpad is set apart from other architect companies because of its value for money mantra, “We would rather have a lot of clients at lower prices than a few clients at higher prices,” she said. They also offer general architectural services, so whether a client needs them for the design stage, or for every step along the way, Growpad is there to help you expand or improve your home in an affordable way.

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