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This charm necklace of Ireland brought to you by Vogue Williams would make the perfect gift for a loved one abroad

By now those among us who love a bit of bling will know all about the double coin necklace trend.

One of the more popular suppliers of the double coin necklace is Katie Mullaly's jewellery collection of collectable KMM charms.

And now one well-known Irish face has her own unique jewel collabaration with the brand.

Vogue Williams' double-charm necklace lands tomorrow and it is the perfect gift for a loved one living abroad or for those of us who just want to keep our little green isle close to our hearts.

The necklace features two charms - one a cutout of Ireland and those other in which the charm of Ireland slots into.

It is already attracting attention on Twitter and we feel that this will be a popular purchase.

Details of the piece of jewellery's release will be announced tomorrow.

- Digital Desk