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Irish Youtubers SacconeJolys take legal action against trolls trying to ‘destroy’ their lives

Irish vloggers The SacconeJolys have opened up about their dealings with a troll, who they claim is out to “destroy” their lives.

In a video, now watched more than a million times, Anna and Jonathan talk about the torrent of abuse they’ve been subject to for the past five years and how it has pushed them to take a legal case against the said “trolls”.

The SacconeJolys have been vlogging for the past nine years. In that time they moved from Cork to the UK, got married, gained six dogs and four children Emilia, 6, Eduardo, 5, Alessia, 2, and newest addition Andrea.

The duo claim the trolls have tried to “hack” into their children’s school parent portal pretending to be Anna in trying everything to “destroy” their lives, their business, their children’s lives, their income and current income.

Anna said: “This person literally goes to every single brand, every school, every establishment, our kids where they go to gymnastics, swimming, everything and tells people that Jonathan is a rapist. And tells them that we as a family condone rape.

“They twist words, they twist things around, my mum has got things on her own personal Instagram account.”

Anna went on to claim that the trolls “always go back to the same thing", returning to a joke that Jonathan made in 2005 about putting the date rape drug ‘roofie’ in Anna's cereal.

After a backlash they received at the time, Jonathan removed the clip, apologised online and donated all of the money from the video to a woman's shelter.

The mother-of-four believes the troll or “group of trolls” reported the couple for child abuse and the police called to the front door to check their children for bruises.

Anna describes this as one of the lowest moments of her entire life.

“After we had Alessia, seven weeks post-partum, the police came to the door to check Alessia for bruises,” she said.

To have a policeman come up to me and ask to check my baby for bruises at seven weeks post-partum, that’s something I wouldn't wish on any mother ever.

Speaking about how it affects his mental health, Jonathan said: “It’s come to the point where I’ve had to bring legal letters and legal proceedings against these people.

“This is harassment, this is bullying, this is mental health problems, do you want people to kill themselves? Is that your goal?”

Watch the video in full here.

In the couple's most recent upload, titled 'We're leaving the country', they document Jonathan and Anna meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Government Buildings, Merrion Square.