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Doireann Garrihy opens up about bullying, being single and career ambitions

Radio presenter and comedian, Doireann Garrihy, stuns on the cover of the July/August Irish Country Magazine, getting candid about her experience of bullying in school, being single and her long-term career ambitions.

Garrihy, who looks amazing in an MSGM dress, is relatively new to the world of showbiz.

Her hilarious impressions on The Doireann Project gained over 90,000 views on the RTE Player, resulting in the second season of The Doireann Project due to air on RTE2 in August.

Speaking to Irish country magazine about this achievement Doireann said: “I’m delighted it’s going to be on TV, hopefully, more people will discover it that way. It’s very different this time around, there’s a lot more improvisation than in the pilot.”

Doireann on her hit show, The Doireann Project

Life wasn’t always great for the star, who reveals that she had a tough time in school.

“I was really badly bullied online in secondary school by a group of girls. I still don't know what their reasons were, I think because I was confident and wasn’t afraid to speak up they saw it as a challenge, like ‘let’s take her down a peg’.”

While she receives very little negativity from her huge online following today, she continued to advise that social media is not always real:

“I gave a talk in a secondary school in Clare recently and I spoke about social media. I'm sure people from really rural areas look at bloggers or whoever, with their great bodies and their great hair, and going to fabulous events, and they're probably thinking ‘Why don't I have that?’. But the thing to remember is that it's not real life.

The star's family, including sisters Aoibhin and Ailbhe, help to keep her grounded.

Doireann keeps the advice simple when wanting to impart it to struggling teens.

“Don't compare yourself to anyone. Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Doireann with felow Snapchat star, James Kavanagh

The sky's the limit for Doireann as she would one day love to host her own version of the Graham Norton show.

“I just love the way everyone's on the couch at once and they're all from totally different backgrounds but they're all laughing at the same jokes. Graham gets them to the place before they were famous, just having the chats.”

Garrihy’s ambitions have left little time for dating, but they don’t rule out her wanting to meet someone:

“If it's meant to happen, it'll happen. My family is way more worried about me being single than I am!”

For the full interview check out the July/August issue of Irish Country Magazine.