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Christopher Biggins recalls ‘terrifying’ experience after eating marijuana

Christopher Biggins has revealed he collapsed and vomited after taking edible marijuana for the first time.

The veteran actor fell ill along with former darts player Bobby George after they ate too much cannabis oil ratatouille and cannabis ice cream while filming an ITV documentary on the legalisation of the drug in the US.

Biggins, 68, said: “The people that cooked for us … I don’t think they realised that we’d never taken it before.

“Edibly, I would never take it again.

“I collapsed, I went to sleep and I woke up and they heard ‘Help’ … I threw up about 25 times.

“You know, it was an experience, but it was an experience I would never want to go through again, nor would Bobby.

“It was terrifying.”

(Jay Watson/ITV)

Also appearing in the Gone To Pot programme are Loose Women panellist Linda Robson, former EastEnders star Pam St Clement and ex-footballer John Fashanu.

Robson, 59, blamed George and Biggins for being “greedy bastards”, adding: “They just ate too much.”

(Jay Watson/ITV)

Fashanu, 55, described watching the pair fall sick as “terrifying”.

He said: “I had a little tiny bit – it just calmed me down, I just went to sleep, the same time as Bobby and Biggins took theirs as well, but I was awake to see the horrendous situation that they were in and then I just closed my eyes and I woke up.”

St Clement, 75, will be seen trying a bong during the show alongside Robson, who said she disobeyed her agent’s orders not to smoke in front of the cameras.

“Me and Pam smoked it the first night,” she said. “My agent had warned me ‘Do not smoke on television, you’re on daytime telly and you’ll lose your job’.

“We both just had a puff of it and then just had a fit of the giggles and then just slept really well that night, and then we went to a puff, pass and paint class where we all had to paint a picture of a cactus and we had a bong that night.”

Fashanu said the celebrity group had agreed the drug should be made available for medicinal purposes after meeting people who used it to treat their illnesses.

:: The first episode of ITV’s Gone To Pot airs on Monday November 13 at 9pm.