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One a day Live

YO home sperm test now available on Amazon

The YO Home Sperm Test, the first smartphone-based at-home male fertility test is available on Amazon from today.

The kit, which includes supplies to run two YO fertility tests, is available across Amazon US, UK and India.

The YO Home Sperm Test empowers men to take control of their own reproductive health by measuring their moving sperm with >97% accuracy and providing a clear video that allows remote diagnosis.

Feedback from both users and MDs supports the fact that by using YO, men can assess their fertility and even uncover issues early enough to allow treatment. Couples no longer need to wait a year or more to uncover a male factor problem.

The free YO app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and guides the user through the entire testing process with step-by-step instructions and animations showing how to use the testing supplies to prepare and run the sample in approximately 20 minutes.

“Normal/Moderate” or “Low” results are explained based on the WHO guidelines and YO provides a clear video of the sample which is saved with the test results in the YO archive.

YO kits and 2 and 4 test refill kits are now available on www.YOspermTest.comAmazonand eBay for iPhone, Galaxy and LG phones.