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One a day Live

Why Irish comedy Derry Girls is the show to watch right now, hey

Oh how we do love the Northern Irish accent, and the slang that comes with is pure gold, writes Breda Graham.

Derry Girls continues on Channel 4 on Thursdays at 10pm.

New to Channel 4, our new TV show addiction Derry Girls has made us fall right back in love with the best of the good 'ol Irish slang.

Derry-born writer Lisa McGee and Antrim native director Michael Lennox bring us what could be described as Irish comedy gold.

The show which stars a group of female friends growing up during The Troubles sets itself apart from the typical coming of age story.

Yes the main character has a love interest, yes there are rebellious teenagers, a flawed group of friends and rivalries in the school hallways.

What else is expected from such a tale.

But, Derry Girls differs in many aspects.

The show is set in conflict-torn Derry during The Troubles in the nineties.

The comedy touches on a very grim period of Irish history while attempting to make light of the The Troubles and the many divisions brought with it.

Balaclava-wearing gunmen, bombs and graffiti are the backdrop of this unique coming of age story and are used to make comedy gold whilst highlighting also, the seriousness of what it was to grow up during The Troubles.

Each of the characters have significant, particular personalities and traits, very much like the characters of Will, Simon, Jay and Neil in fellow Channel 4 show, The Inbetweeners.

The main character Erin is moody and self-righteous. Orla has a strange streak. Clare is extremely anxious and Michelle is foul-mouthed.

Not forgetting poor James who had to opt for an all-girls school due to concerns for his safety.

This show is one to watch if you are a fan of dark humour, good ’ol Irish slang and an Northern Irish accent.

Sure who can resist a good Derry accent, hi!

The show has been commissioned for a second series after just one episode had aired.

So, if you’ve not watched Derry Girls yet you’d best catch up here.

Derry Girls continues on Channel 4 on Thursdays at 10pm.