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One a day Live

Watch the moment this Belfast bar counted down to same-sex marraige decrimilation

The people of Northern Ireland counted down to midnight Monday in celebration of the new legislation which paves the way for same-sex marriage and decriminalises abortion.

A ‘new year’s eve-esk’ timer was placed at the LGBT-friendly Maverick Bar in Belfast and it was drag queen Titty Von Tramp who counted into the historic moment.

Photographer at the Belfast Telegraph, Kevin Scott recorded the moment and described it as “absolute scenes”.

Martha Brown (left, grey t-shirt) with her partner Louise McCullough (right, black t-shirt) and equal marriage supporters at Maverick Bar, Belfast, celebrate the change to abortion and same sex marriage laws in Northern Ireland (Liam McBurney/PA)

As the clock struck 12, Von Tramp exclaimed: “You can love who you want to love, you can marry who you want to love and they can do nothing about it”

We are equal, we are who we are and we are proud to be who we are

As confetti cannons went off and the crowd raised their glasses, the performer ended the speech with: “Welcome to the history of Northern Ireland”.

Watch the moment here:

“A remarkable and important day in the history of Northern Ireland,” one Twitter user commented under the video.

Another added: “Fantastic!! (That sounded like big Ian had risen to congratulate everyone!)”