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One a day Live

WATCH: Rare footage shows tiger cubs playing in Russia

A family of four Siberian tiger cubs have been caught playing on camera by Leopard Land in Russia.

Credit: Leopard Land/ Youtube.

The footage was obtained by an automatic camera in the Primorsky Krai region of Russia and shows the cubs high up above a valley, nestling into an an adult female tiger in the night.

Having rested and fed the cubs with milk, the tigress descended into the valley to hunt, leaving the cubs to their own devices.

The cubs are seen lazing in the morning and wrestling each other later on during the day.

Senior researcher at the Land of the Leopard Dina Matyukhina said the cubs are about 3-4 months old:

"It is a great success for us to get such shots: as a rule, kittens get into the lenses of camera-traps at a later age when they start following the mother.

"Video frames give us a lot of information about the behavioral characteristics of tigers, as well as important data on brood sizes. ”

Siberian tigers, also known as the Amur tiger, are an endangered species and can reach up to ten feet in length and can weigh over 600 lbs.

Even though there are currently just about 540 Siberian tigers left in the world, the species represents the largest tiger population in the world that is not fragmented.