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One a day Live

WATCH: New two-part series on stress in Ireland starts on RTÉ One tonight

A new series focusing on stress in Ireland starts tonight on RTÉ One.

Stressed will look at the science behind the issue and how it negatively impacts on Irish lives.

The two-part series, presented by journalist Jennifer O'Connell will look at experts helping volunteers drawn from across the country to cope and manage their stress.

In the first episode, we meet Ger Renton, a full-time carer for her son Ethan who has a rare genetic condition, Hunter's Syndrome.

During the documentary Ger opens up about the difficulties of being a carer and the stress she finds herself under.

Ger tells viewers: "I try hard to block out visions of Ethan's life and stuff like that in the future.

"I think that adds an awful lot to my stress too. I won't let my mind go there but my mind will go there late at night...

"There's stress that I know sounds silly when I say it out loud - that I have to bring them all to the park together and I am by myself.

"Ethan can decide he is going off somewhere, I'll let him out of this chair for a little walk around and hold his hand.

"He can decide midway through that to have a huge meltdown and I can't carry him anymore and I can't ask my 13-year-old son to do it.

[quote]"It just seems like it is too much and it is something simple."[/quote]