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One a day Live

WATCH: Marian Keyes shares her thoughts post-referendum

Ever since hit Irish author Marian Keyes joined Twitter in 2012, she’s added ‘internet sensation’ to her author tag.

Along with her hilarious Twitter threads and gas Instagram captions, she posts weekly ‘short films’ keeping us updated on the goings-on in ‘Marian Keyes’ World’.

Today she began the 6-minute video with her thoughts on the result of the 8th amendment referendum.

Since it was posted, Twitter users have thanked her for expressing the feelings that they were unable to.

“I’ve no idea how I got Ireland so wrong and how everybody did. The fact that it was a landslide in favour of yes,” she began.

“Above and beyond my wildest dreams did I think that couldn’t be the case. You know as an Irish woman to feel that kind of acceptance from my own country, it’s the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me”

“It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever lived through”

The author has since changed her Twitter name to Marian K66.4%YES.