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One a day Live

WATCH: Belfast brothers keep GAA alive in Australia

When Irish people go abroad, they can often join a GAA club, but Belfast brothers John and Brendan Grieve went one step further and built a clubhouse.

Jerome Quinn met the former St John's and St Agnes players, who left Ireland in 1978 and 1983 respectively, and joined with a group of friends in Penrith, west of Sydney, to recreate a bit of home.

Through fundraising, the pair built the Penrith Gaels clubhouse and recently held the Penrith Gaels Tournament.

"[The Club] is special because it's our club. It's the same as a club in Ireland, it's exactly the same feeling, only we're 13,000 miles or whatever it is, away," said Brendan.

"When we started Penrith Gaels off, way back in the seventies, we wanted to build a club and we eventually did that and I don't think there's any club, I think we're unique throughout the world, because we're one of the only GAA clubs to actually build a premises," added John.

"That's what the GAA is all about, it's a community thing and the good thing about our club,we're a little bit different from home, we've got people from all over the country, all over Ireland, are members of our association and that's the great thing about being in Penrith and being part of the GAA.

Video by Jerome Quinn