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One a day Live

Twitter is about to make creating threads a lot easier

By Greg Murphy

Threads are becoming a common feature for the way we use Twitter as they give us a lengthy canvas to express our views, keeps everything together and makes Tweets easier to find.

Twitter has acknowledged that "hundreds of thousands of threads are tweeted every day", but sometimes they can be difficult for some people to craft properly.

They have now decided to create a simple method, and take away the hassle.

To create a thread, users will simply have to type up their initial Tweet, and instead of hitting send, a plus sign will be made available.

This will give users another 280 characters to craft their story, and can be recreated as many times as is needed to finish the thread.

Once your thread is complete, hit send, and the whole post will be sent at the same time.

Users will also be able to update their threads later on by clicking on a tweet and pressing ’add another tweet’.

Threads will be rolled out to iOS, Android and Twitter.com users in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep your app updated.

Still no sign of an edit button though, eh Twitter?