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One a day Live

This 'Two Face' cat is the most unusual feline to sweep the internet

There is nothing we love seeing more on the internet than cute animals.

They can make us smile, make us laugh and get us through a tough day.

Basically, animals of the internet can have a soothing effect in an otherwise bland stream of memes, gifs and videos offered to us by the world wide web.

Amongst said cute animals are many unusual looking types.

Introducing, Venus.

Venus the Two Face Cat is one of the more unusual looking felines that we have come across.

Venus’ unusual facial features have gathered her over seven thousands followers on YouTube and over one million likes on her Facebook page.

The most striking feature that separates Venus from other felines is the two different hair colours on her face, divided by a symmetrical line down her nose.

Her different eye colours of green and blue add to her unique appearance.

So unique, that some followers did not believe that her features were real and so far as thought they were photoshopped.

But it’s not all about looks, Venus is a smart feline who knows just what she wants and fits right in at home , or more specifically, the couch.

See more of the unusual feline here.