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One a day Live

The lads on Dancing With The Stars wore camouflage and SO MANY jokes followed

It was ladies’ night on RTÉ’s Dancing With the Stars last night - but it was the boys’ costumes that stole the show.

After the ladies made their dancefloor debuts, the male contestants came together for a group performance and their army-themed clothes had everyone talking.

Earlier in the night, the ladies wowed the judges with their performances.

Former All-Ireland winning Cork camogie captain Anna Geary opened proceedings with a red hurley - the prop, not the singer. Geary danced the tango to David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ in her county’s colours.

She racked up a score of 21 points from the judges.

"You have the attitude of a competitor perhaps even a champion," said judge Darren Bennett

Alannah Beirne followed Geary with a waltz to Moon River. The late addition to the line-up scored 20 points.

"I absolutely loved it, 90 percent of the dance was from the ballroom guidebook,” said judge Brian Redmond.

Broadcaster and Author Maïa Dunphy got the lowest of the night with just 13 points.

The judges felt her Cha Cha to ‘Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself’ was too much too soon.

“I think it was daunting for Maia on her own but she made it through," said judge Loraine Barry.

Dragon’s Den businesswoman Norah Casey danced the foxtrot with dance partner Curtis Prichard, banking a score of 15 on the night.

"It was so flowing and so gorgeous, I really enjoyed it," said Barry.

Bodybuilder and fitness model Erin McGregor delivered a knockout routine with a sizzling salsa.

She finished on top of the ladies’ leaderboard with 23 points.

“This McGregor family has got some talent,” Bennett said.

Actress and comedian Deirdre O’Kane ended the ladies’ night with a jive to Imelda May’s ‘Mayhem’, getting a total of 18 points.

"Keep the legs out, keep them moving and you’ll keep me happy," Redmond said.

Next week all 11 celebrities will take to the dancefloor ahead of the first elimination of the series.