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One a day Live

Sorry Teresa Mannion, it's Eileen Magnier's time to shine

Sorry, Teresa Mannion but there's a new Six One weather reporter taking the spotlight.

Last night, RTÉ's Eileen Magnier broadcasted from Bundoran, Co. Donegal in a bid to keep the country updated on Storm Gareth.

Gusts up to 130kph shook Magnier as she listed the counties enduring a Status Orange wind warning.

The North West correspondent managed to finish her segment without dropping a line or even fumbling in the extreme weather.

Viewers took to the social media in their droves to compliment her professionalism and appealed to the national broadcaster to buy her a hat.

"Poor, poor Eileen Magnier. Would nobody give her a hat?"

Magnier retweeted one of the tweets, tagging Teresa Mannion and adding a laughing emoji.

Teresa Mannion's RTE weather report in 2015 garnered worldwide attention. From Buzzfeed to parodies and even featured on Ariana Grande snapchat.

Not all heroes wear capes, folks.