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Policeman tracks down suspect despite becoming impaled on fence spike during chase

A British police officer who became impaled on a fence spike while chasing a suspected motorbike thief arrested the man after bloodily pulling himself free.

Pc Dan Thomas collapsed from "significant blood loss" after he and his police dog Gil found the 22-year-old hiding in a bush, West Midlands Police (WMP) said.

The dog handler required 15 stitches to a serious wound in his bicep after being taken to hospital in the early hours of Saturday.

Pc Dan Thomas

Pc Thomas, who is now recovering at home, said: "I knew Gil was onto the suspect. I could see the blood pouring down my arm but was determined we had to keep on the scent and catch him.

"It was a good result in the end with two in custody - and we also recovered a stolen car that we believe the offenders arrived in.

"I’ve read a lot of kind words of support from members of the public - it’s very heart-warming and I really do appreciate all their best wishes.

"I hope to be back on duty in the near future."

Pc Thomas, a police officer with WMP for 16 years, went after the man with his Alsatian partner after other officers had arrested a 16-year-old boy in the Walmley area of Sutton Coldfield.

A force spokesman said: "Gil indicated their target had clambered over an 8ft-high spiked fence.

"But as Dan lifted the dog over and jumped down, his jacket snagged and sent a spike tearing into his bicep.

"Despite the wound ... and with blood pouring down his arm, Dan continued tracking with Gil and, shortly after, found a 22-year-old man hiding in bushes."

Both men were arrested on suspicion of attempted vehicle theft, the spokesman added.

Pc Thomas said: "I was tracking alone with Gil but the officers quickly found me and applied a tourniquet to prevent further blood loss.

"And I also want to thank the paramedics and doctors at the hospital for all their brilliant work.

"They said I was lucky and that with such a serious wound I could have suffered a very serious arterial bleed."