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One a day Live

No surprise as Brennan's Sliced Pan tops list of best-selling pre-storm products

A list of the top-selling products in the run-up to Storm Emma have been released - with Brennan's Sliced Pan coming in at number one.

Retail group BWG Foods compiled figures based on sales across its network of stores.

In second place is a litre of milk, followed by a six-pack of eggs, then firelighters - with wine coming in fifth place.

At bread became hard to come by, people jokingly advertised theirs for sale for exorbitant prices.

Meath shop owner Jim Bird said that demand for bread was so high, he had to ration it.

"It's a must-have when you've got an emergency, and we've got a big emergency on.

"We had to restrict it, in the interests of fairness, so everybody would have the chance to have some bread on the table.

"We said we'd cut it to one per person, and even at that, we ran out - way early.

"We reckon we've gone through about 3,000 this week."

- Digital desk