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Latest: Son of 95-year-old man lured away from home by attempted burglars

Update 10pm: A senior Garda has expressed his delight after an attempted burglary of a 95-year-old man on the Kildysart Road near Ennis was foiled by Gardaí this afternoon, writes Gordon Deegan

Chief Superintendent John Kerin of Ennis Garda Station was commenting on the major Garda operation which led to the arrest of the four men shortly before 4pm.

Chief Supt Kerin said: “We are delighted with the operation and it sends a message to the public that the Garda are deploying the resources to stopping such burglaries taking place.”

Chief Supt Kerin described how the son of the 95-year-old man was lured away from the home of his father on false pretences by an individual yesterday.

The senior Garda said that after the son was lured away, two other individuals were nearby to the home.

However, the two spotted gardaí as they were about to enter the house.

They tried to escape but were apprehended by gardaí after a chase by foot across a couple of fields. The 95 year old man was left un-harmed.

Chief Supt Kerin said that a fourth man was arrested in a nearby car and two cars were seized in the operation.

The four individuals from Limerick were arrested as part of Operation Thor and were brought to Ennis and Shannon garda stations.

Two are aged in their 30s, one is in his 40s and one is in his teens and all are expected to be brought before a special sitting of Ennis District Court tomorrow.

Chief Supt Kerin said: “It is the first such alleged burglary of an old person in Co Clare for quite a long time and we are very happy to have stopped it as it was about to take place.

Chief Supt Kerin said that "significant Garda resources" were involved, comprising of guards from the Limerick and Clare Divisions supported by the Emergency Response Unit along two other national units were in place.

Chief Supt Kerin said: “It was an intelligence-led operation but we didn’t have the specifics.”

Earlier: Four men arrested in Clare following burglary of elderly man's home

Four men have been arrested by Gardaí following a burglary in Co Clare this afternoon.

The men were arrested shortly before 4pm following a burglary at a house on the Kildysart Road near Ennis.

A man in his 90s was the sole occupant of the house at the time.

He was not injured.

The men, two aged in their 30s, one in his 40s and a teenager have been brought to Ennis and Shannon Garda Stations.

The arrests were part of Operation Thor and involved gardai from Clare and Limerick and members of the Emergency Response Unit.

It comes as part of ongoing operations targeting travelling criminals carrying out burglaries in the region.