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Judge to pick battlefield for court fight over Charles Manson's body

The battle over Charles Manson’s body is going back to court.

A Los Angeles judge will hear arguments on Friday on which California county should decide who gets the remains of the man who orchestrated the 1969 killings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and eight others.

Charles Manson’s body is going back to court.

Manson, who orchestrated the murders in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles, served time in a state prison in Corcoran and died in a hospital in Bakersfield.

The legal battle for his body or possessions could land in any of three California counties in which those cities are located.

Three men say they want to properly bury or dispose of Manson’s ashes, and claim his assets, which could include potentially lucrative rights to the use of his image, songs he wrote, and other property.

The cult leader died in November and his body is being kept at the Kern County Morgue.

A Florida man claims he is Manson’s grandson and that the killer left no will.

Two duelling pen pals hold wills they claim Manson sent them.

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