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One a day Live

Irish customers are sure to make use of Deliveroo's 'rainy day' offer

It is true about the Irish, we are obsessed with the weather, rain hail or shine.

Whether it's a chat with the neighbour, bumping into an old friend while doing the shopping or that awkward taxi drive home when the only thing you can think to get out is 'grand stretch in the evenings now.'

It is the one thing that us Irish love to hate.

For the most part, however, the glum reality in Ireland is that we can all make a good stab at predicting the forecast for ourselves, partially cloudy with scattered showers.

Even with that grand awl stretch in the evening, Dublin alone will experience an average of 22 days of rain in April.

There are 30 days in April. Great.

And what is it that we Irish love to do on a wet and cold night? Stick on the kettle, put down a fire and make use of that TV licence.

And a takeaway is most likely thrown in for good measure of course.

Deliveroo users will be glad to know that for every rainy day, they are going to 'make it rain' by distributing Deliveroo platinum cards.

These cards grant customers €100 Deliveroo credit.

Sounds good? Customers need to post a selfie on Twitter with the card and tag Deliveroo in the tweet to obtain of the deal.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: “Deliveroo orders come in thick and fast during Ireland’s downpours so we decided that we want to make every rainy moment this April one to smile about.”

Here's to this green little island and all of the rain that comes with it.

- Digital Desk