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One a day Live

Irish Youtuber poses in her underwear to inspire body confidence

If you are not invested in the Irish influencer industry, you may have missed the current ‘drama’ that hit the social media sphere in the past few weeks.

In short, a controversial Instagram account called out some of Ireland’s well-known names for their heavily edited images.

As the dust settles on the comments made, one Irish Youtuber has taken to her Instagram in a bid to promote body confidence awareness.

Melaine Murphy, who has over than 500,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, posted the photo in her lingerie along with the tags, #bodypositive #strengthtraining #selfcare.

In the caption of the photo, the 28-year-old discussed how her body confidence issues have affected her mental health throughout the years and how she has come out the other side. 

“No I don’t look like a fitness model. No, everyone doesn’t have wide hips and a teeny waist,” she says.

“Yes, there is beauty in every body shape just as there is in every skin color and hair color and all the rest”.

She also recommends some other body positive Instagram accounts and say she believes that “there’s so much to be learned by diversifying your feed.”