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One a day Live

Ireland's favourite TV characters have been revealed

Celebrating World Television Day, Today FM's Ian Dempsey Breakfast show ran a poll to find the country's favourite TV character.

Following a huge reaction from listeners, this is who Irish people like watching most of all on the small screen.

10. Peter Griffin

Kicking off the list is the head of the Griffin Household, Peter.

He tries his best, he means so well, but something always goes wrong to mess up his day.

9. Rachel Greene

Friends is one of the most successful sitcoms ever, and each one of us has our individual favourites, but it was Rachel who stood out as the nations favourite Friend.

Watching her life develop from a spoiled rich girl to a successful career woman and mother captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

It also helps that she had incredible comedic timing and one of the most iconic haircuts in TV history.

8. Al Bundy

Married with Children was one of the funniest comedy shows ever created, but let's be honest, they probably wouldn't get away with half of the jokes and gags now.

Al Bundy, the patriarch of the family, was loved by the viewers for his vulgar attitudes and his crass humour, the likes of which we may never see again.

7. David Brent

What can you say about David Brent?

He is cringeworthy at the best of times but you can't help but love him.

6. Basil Fawlty

Fawlty Towers was such a favourite for TV viewers, being instantly quotable and even more memorable that it's hard to believe it has been off our screens for nearly 40 years.

Even more unsettling is that they only made 12 episodes, following the difficult life of embattled hotel owner Basil Fawlty.

5. Walter White

You wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Breaking Bad's Walter White.

Bryan Cranston's science teacher - turned- drug lord is one of those iconic characters that will be quoted forever and ever.

Remember, he is the one who knocks.

4. Fr Ted

What more do we need to say about the head priest of the Craggy Island parochial house?

Ted Crilly was as much a part of our family as our parents and children.

3. Homer Simpson

There isn't a person alive today who doesn't know at least some of Homer Simpson's greatest quotes.

He easily earns a spot near the top of any TV character list.

2. Tony Soprano

He is the mob boss with a heart but not Fat Tony from the Simpsons.

In TV series The Sopranos, Tony Soprano juggles his role as the head of a Mafia family with being a good father, husband and son and he doesn't always succeed!

1. Del Boy

Del Boy Trotter.

He is often regarded as one of the best comedy characters of all time and although the series has been off the air for some time, he still holds a very special place in Irish hearts!