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Hugh Grant and Robert Downey Jr agree to bury hatchet after decades-long feud

Actors Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Grant have agreed to let bygones be bygones and set aside their 23-year-old differences.

Downey Jr and Grant worked together on the 1995 film ’Restoration’ and in a recent interview with People, Grant said he believed Downey Jr immediately took a dislike to him on set.

"He hated me. He took one look at me and wanted to kill me," said Grant.

Iron Man star Downey Jr previously slated the British actor.

"I just thought he was a d*ck, that’s all. And I still do."

However, Downey Jr held out an olive branch in the form of a tweet, saying "a lot has happened over two decades".

"I respect how Mr Grant has matured as an artist and voice against violations of privacy. Let’s break bread together soon," he said.

Grand responded a few hours later, and described Downey Jr’s gesture as a "nice way to kick off the new year".

"Yes - if you’re in London come by and break bread. Won’t be easy as my 5-year-old bakes it, but you seem strong. Respect," he said.