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One a day Live

How to pretend you like that awful Christmas gift in five easy steps

The badly-knitted Arran jumper your grandmother spent months on, those socks your brother gets you every year or the kids make-up set from your aunt - It’s almost certain that at least one person in your household will receive a gift they are not that enthusiastic about today.

Let’s face it, you’ve two options.

You can either tell the truth and live through the awkward silence for the rest of the day or you can follow these five easy steps to avoid any hurt feelings.

1. Say Thank You

Don’t forget to use eye contact, it helps and lets them know that you really appreciate the thought.

2. Smile

As they say, smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Good thing to know, if step number one isn’t as believable as you want it to be.

3. Ask questions

“Awh, this is cool - do you have one yourself” “Where did you find one of these?” “Doesn’t John have one of these?”

Asking questions about the gift will distract both you and the gifter from the fact that you want to soak the wrapping in tears.

4. Focus on the card

Top tip: Save the card until last.

This way if you’ve failed at the above steps, the sweet hallmark poem inside the card, wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’, is bound to spark a sincere Thank You.

5. Hug your thanks

Hugging the gifter is the perfect opportunity to hide your disappointed face as well as displaying your gratitude.

Great for the terrible actors among us.

If all else fails, take inspiration from this little guy