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One a day Live

Go on, Go on, Go on: Father Ted catchphrase inspires new road safety campaign

Mayo County Council Road Safety is taking the advice of one Father Ted character with an eye-catching initiative ahead of this bank holiday weekend.

Road signs of Mrs Doyle will be erected around the county in a bid to get tired motorists to freshen up by taking a break.

The campaign is called 'Go on, Go on, Take a break’ and even has the approval of Mrs Doyle herself, Pauline McLynn as she feels it brings light to " a very important topic.”

Mayo's Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons said the August bank holiday weekend is by far one of the busiest and unfortunately the deadliest weekends on the roads.

“Make no mistake – fatigue is a serious killer. Make regular breaks when you are driving long distances, share the driving if you can, and never ignore the tell-tale warning signs of fatigue.”

So it’s simple - if you’re driving this weekend don’t underestimate the power of nice ol’ cup of tea.