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Dublin Zoo cancels annual Wild Lights exhibition

Dublin Zoo has announced it's popular Wild Lights event will not be taking place this year.

The Phoenix Park attraction says its been working hard to safely welcome back visitors in recent months and will continue to enhance and improve the Outdoor Safari Trail experience.

On their website, Dublin Zoo said: "Over the past few months we have been working hard to safely welcome visitors to Dublin Zoo, strictly adhering to governmental health and safety directives whilst ensuring we continue to deliver the highest standard of care for the animals.

Wild Lights has drawn in huge crowds over the past few years.

"We are extremely grateful to our annual pass holders and visitors for your patience and support as we, like many others, navigate challenges we have never experienced before due to Covid-19."

The Wild Lights event, which has run for the past number of years sees hundreds of lighting displays brought to the zoo, with visitors coming after dark to see the spectacular exhibitions.

The zoo added that it hopes Wild Lights will return in 2021, "bigger and better than ever".