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One a day Live

Die Hard director rings Joe Duffy to discuss Nathan Carter

It’s not every day you get to reference Die Hard, Joe Duffy and Nathan Carter in the same sentence but best believe we’ll jump at the chance when we can.

A Good Day to Die Hard director, John Moore gave RTÉ Radio One’s Joe Duffy a surprise yesterday when he called into the show yesterday to join a discussion about, Nathan Carter.

Duffy was debating with callers on whether the country music star should pay his fans for appearing in his upcoming video when Moore, who's originally from Dundalk, rang in to give his two cents on the project.

“Legally if you are featuring somebody’s image for commercial exploitation you have to pay them in some form, but I do appreciate that budgets are tight and I think the smart solution to something like this is payment in kind"

He went on to say: “to expect people to turn up for absolutely nothing is really not on, it’s not really how the business operates”

They went on to talk about the movie Michael Collins which needed 5,000 extras and how social media affects this area of the industry.

The conversation was concluded with the fact that fans would receive Nathan Carter merchandise and tickets for their time.

Joe, of course, didn’t let the director go without fishing for some information on his new movie.

So, far we know it’s a period thriller, set in Ireland with a budget of 15-20 million.

Listen to the entire segment here