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One a day Live

Calls for John McGuirk to honour pledge and retire from political campaigns

Social media users are calling on John McGuirk make good on a pledge he made to fellow No campaigner Keith Mills.

On March 31, Mr McGuirk tweeted that he would "never take a political job again" if Dublin Central won 75% of the vote in the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

He said: "Ok, tell you what, if Dublin Central is 75% yes on the day (3-1), I will never take a political job again and recommend you for any position. And if the overall vote in Dublin is 80% yes (4-1) I'll donate a grand to a charity of your choice. You're just wrong. Flat wrong."

The Dublin Central constituency has in fact closed at 76.51% in favour of Yes, just over the 3-1 margin.

His comment came after Mr Mills suggested that "traditionally conservative" Dublin Central was likely to vote 3-1 in favour of Yes.

He said: "My sources are good. Even the traditionally conservative Dublin Central likely to be 3-1 Yes."

Twitter users have been quick to remind Mr McGuirk about his suggestion and are calling on him to follow through.