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One a day Live

#BrexitDelay: Awkward moment when Angela Merkel wasn't there to greet Theresa May

There was an awkward start to Theresa May's visit to Berlin to meet Angela Merkel today.

The British Prime Minister is meeting with Ms Merkel to ask the German Chancellor to back her case for a delay to Brexit ahead of tomorrow's crunch EU summit.

As Ms May arrived at the German Chancellory, the red carpet was out and the press were waiting but there was no sign of Ms Merkel.

With no one to greet her, Ms May made her way inside quickly followed by members of the media.

The German Chancellor quickly appeared in the lobby to welcome Ms May.

The pair, along with the press, then had to make their way back outside to pose for photographers before heading back in once again to begin their talks.

There was another awkward moment for Theresa May back when she visited Berlin in December last year.

TV cameras were once again on hand to capture the moment as Ms May found herself briefly stuck in her limousine.

An official struggled with the door for more than 10 seconds as Ms Merkel waited for the British Prime Minister to emerge from her vehicle.

Following this morning's meeting with Ms Merkel, Theresa May will then fly to Paric where she will seek the support of French President Emmanuel Macron.