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One a day Live

Average Irish person spends 19 hours each year queuing for food and drink

Irish people spend two and a half months of their lives queuing for lunch or coffee.

New start-up Promo Pads is hoping to give people back the time they waste in queues and enjoy the dining experience.

Their new 'Dine' system allows people to sit down and order using a table-top system.

CEO Diarmuid Murphy says the results of their research was shocking.

"We found out that the average queuing time at lunch in food and drink premises, cafes, quick service restaurants and so on is five minutes and 46 seconds," he said.

"That doesn't sound like very much but when you actually extrapolate that out over a person's year and a person's lifetime it ends up that each person is queuing up for 19 hours per year."

Promo Pads has started a campaign on Kickstarter to finish their product which aims to help people avoid quing in restaurants, cafes, etc.

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