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One a day Live

A Scottish MP attempted a Brexit rap in the Commons

A Scottish National Party MP has performed an attempted Brexit rap to MPs in the Commons.

Hannah Bardell ended a speech in the chamber with what she described as "a little lyric" that "sums up the current situation".

Pic via www.hannahbardellmp.scot/

The party’s spokeswoman on trade and investment later tweeted that she had hoped to rap what some described as a poem, and said:

Behind her, fellow SNP MP David Linden could be seen apparently beatboxing in his seat as she spoke.

Watch MC Bardell’s debut and if you want to rap along the lyrics can be found below.

"B, R, E, X, I, T, fed up with Brexit? Me three.

"Trade relations, heading down the swanny.

"If it doesn’t fit on the side of a bus, let’s not say it, don’t make a fuss.

"Phase one was a floundering mess, the Prime Minister said she did her best.

"The Irish border was the sticking point and the DUP.

"Cross-border trade we’re told is possible, it’s about wording, you see.

"A fudge not a dodge, and has the Right Honourable lady for Maidenhead really lost the thread?

"The Brexit spool unravels, our economy headed south.

"And what about travel?

"Blue passports we’re told, ah perfect, imported they’ll be.

"That’s me, I’m sold.

"Choose Brexit, choose a new queue, at the airport we’ll be going through.

"It’s for the next generation of children I fear, Erasmus, international trade,

"Travel will be lost, I shed a tear.

"LGBT rights, workers’ rights, equal pay, all important things the EU has paved the way.

"On the night of the referendum and then the next day, promises were made, they were dead straight away.

"How will history judge our politicians of today? All of us here, not well I say.

"Not all of us want to be facing this mess,

"In Scotland we voted to stay in, we think it’s for the best.

"So let’s get together and stop this guddle, for the sake of our future, we need out of this Brexit muddle."