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One a day Live

2016 Sydney Rose tells of her awful experience in Kilkenny pub

Brianna Parkins has opened up about a recent experience she had in a pub in Kilkenny City.

The 2016 Sydney Rose told Ryan Tubridy on his RTÉ Radio One show this morning, how a night out with her friends last Saturday turned badly. She explained that the night started great and the craic was "medium to high" as they tanned each other's backs at the Airbnb - as you do before a night out

Although that's where it ended, as, within the first ten minutes of entering the first bar, she was grabbed in a headlock by a "massive sort of rugby built dude".

Brianna explained to Ryan that he grabbed her in a headlock with one arm and one of her friends in the other before going "in for the shift".

"It was like being cuddled by an enthusiastic Alsatian just slobbering all over you. He thought it was a scrum, I dunno?"

Ryan quizzed her on the time the incident happened before making the point that "no time is right for that type of behaviour".

Brianna went on to say that "in a perfect world, it would be assault" and it's sad that she's found her desensitised to that now.

"I kind of expect it on a night out".

One thing she didn't expect was how the situation was handled.

"I reacted in a way any normal person would react, grabbed him by the back of the head, reefed him off me and my friend, gave a few solid good shoves for good measure and he kept coming back at us and I just had to keep responding more and more aggressively," she said.

Everyone in the bar turned to look at me as I am the person causing the problem but this bloke had a good 30kg on me - physically, we weren't evenly matched. No one helped, his mates thought it was funny and the bouncer looked at us like they were going to almost consider kicking me out

She then told Ryan that she had to leave the "Kilkenny version of Coppers" as another group of lads kept "dancing on us quite aggressively and trying to cuddle them by putting their arms around them" after she told them to "F off".

At the time, the Australian-based journalist took to Twitter to say that she "shouldn’t have to put with someone’s shitty behaviour in the name of craic"