Ford invests £1million in Cork - and is the man on the moon from Macroom?

What was in the news 100 years ago today, by Richard Forrest of Cork City Library
Ford invests £1million in Cork - and is the man on the moon from Macroom?

A REPORT on the development of the Ford Works on the Marina was submitted at the monthly meeting of the Cork Industrial Development Association, the Echo reported on Saturday, September 4, 1921.

The Association had been instrumental in facilitating Ford & Son, and more than £1¼ million has been invested to date by the company in the form of capital and wages.

It was further pointed out in the report that the existence of the firm in Cork had led to a phenomenal development of a rapid trans-Atlantic direct service, the extension of a number of local engineering concerns, and the establishment of other subsidiary industries.

The services of the Association remain at the disposal of bona fide capitalists who may wish to follow Messrs Ford’s footsteps by establishing basal or subsidiary industries in the South of Ireland, the Echo reported.

Sports events at Mardyke

The Drapers’ Sports (which were developed into Cork City Sports) event has been refixtured for Monday evening next at the Mardyke Cricket Grounds.

The number and standard of competitors from all parts of Ireland demonstrates the popularity of the promoters and their object of raising benevolent funds (charity).

With favourable weather, the attendance should reach very large numbers. The prizes are the best yet and are on view in the windows of J.T. O’Connell, Patrick Street.

In view of the lengthy programme and the shortening of the evenings, a punctual start will be made at 5.30pm. Competitors must be on their marks sharp to time as no delay can be permitted.

Mr. J.J. Buckley can be relied on to get through the events quickly. The Butter Exchange Band have added a dance programme to the entertainment items already listed. The meeting will be conducted under the rules of the G.A.A.

Prospects for the Continuation of Peace

The Cabinet (London) will be meeting at Inverness in Scotland next Wednesday amid a good deal of public anxiety regarding the maintenance of peace in Ireland.

It seems obvious that Dáil Éireann has attached conditions to any continuation of negotiations. Otherwise, there would be no need for the Inverness meeting.

London has put forward all along that the basis for negotiation should be the outline of Dominion Self-Government already published.

Mr de Valera has now possibly proposed an alternative basis – independence for Ireland limited by a treaty of association. In the background also is that Dail Éireann insists upon going into any conference as a Parliament authorised to negotiate for peace for the whole of Ireland. This is a contention that gives acute emphasis to the issue of partition.

Considerable nervousness is felt about what may happen during the weekend ahead. Michael Collins, the famous IRA leader, intends to address his constituents at Armagh on Sunday. This is in the six-county Government area and is a city with a very lively political history. The choice of location is significant.

Marconi and the News from Mars

Mr. Marconi has received a radio wavelength of 150,000 metres in his yacht in the Mediterranean. This is ten times that from the most powerful stations.

The signal sounded like the latter ‘V’ in the international code. Some feel that he has intercepted wireless communication from Mars.

J.H. McBeth, the London manager of the Marconi Company, believes it is only a matter of time before inventive genius and ingenuity in deciphering code, will contrive a method of communication.

Mars is older than Earth, and perhaps more developed. It is predicted that there will be trans-Atlantic telephony in 1922 and wireless transmission of photographs in a few years.

The Man on the Moon is from Macroom

You will remember we reported last week that a scientist in Connecticut has built a telescope which will bring the moon within six feet of the eye.

It should now be possible to end the long-standing argument regarding the nationality of the Man in the Moon. Most people in the south still firmly hold that he hails from Macroom.

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