Children raid sweet shop and rob lemonade, jellies and bottles of port wine

What was in the news 100 years ago today, by Richard Forrest of Cork City Library
Children raid sweet shop and rob lemonade, jellies and bottles of port wine

Daring Robbery by Children

A daring robbery was enacted by children last Sunday on the premises of Mary Lynch, of Merchant, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare.

It appears as Miss Lynch was out driving, the children entered by way of a back window and took away three dozen bottles of lemonade, two bottles of port wine as well as biscuits, jams, jellies and knives and forks.

Escape from Spike

Three prisoners escaped from Spike Island this morning using a motor boat, the Echo reported on Saturday April 30, 1921.

They are Seán MacSwiney, brother of the late Lord Mayor, Cornelius Twomey and Thomas Malone.

Elsewhere, two temporary auxiliary police cadets were fired at in Macroom at about 7.45pm yesterday. Both were wounded.

They were walking in Gurteenroe when several shots were fired from behind a wall. 

Cadet Jailler received pellets in the lower jaw and Cadet Grundy was hit in several places in the back.

Crown forces scoured the district vigorously as a result and some arrests were made.

Crown forces were also very active in several parts of the city yesterday evening and in several thoroughfares groups of men were held and searched.

In one instance, the military came on a number of men in a secluded spot on the Western Road where a game of cards is sometimes played and they were all searched.

Forthcoming Elections

There is to be no postponement of the Government of Ireland Act and elections are to proceed in the north and south of the country next month.

This official announcement from the Government does not appear to have met with satisfaction from any quarter. Indeed there is alarm and apprehension in many.

The general feeling all along had been that Prime Minister David Lloyd George would not proceed with elections under prevailing conditions, at least in the south. Once elections were held, a barrier would be raised against a peaceful, permanent settlement, and that is what Ireland is yearning for.

Once the Government of Ireland Act is in force, the country will be categorically split and it will only be through long sorrow and suffering that its parties will ever be brought together again.

An (unnamed) Irish politician of 40 years standing in the House of Commons expressed no surprise that elections are to proceed and says he is amazed anyone desiring peace should want to introduce the Government of Ireland Act. It is certain to arouse political passions, the end of which no-one can foresee.

“The likes of Lloyd George have created the mess and chaos that now exist in Ireland against the best advice of peace-loving Irishmen and he must now extricate himself from it or stew in his own juice. As it is, a long struggle will surely lie before Ireland and there will be much bloodshed before a settlement is reached.”.

Meanwhile, at a Confirmation ceremony in Co. Tyrone on Thursday, Cardinal Michael Logue said he wished to warn against the “commission of crime” when so many people in Ireland and England are working hard to re-establish peace. An Irish Republic, his Eminence added, can never be achieved so long as England has a man to fight.

Cattle and Sheep Taken

A Dublin Castle report says that on April 25, 24 calves, 32 young cattle, 4 fat cattle, 80 sheep, 4 horses, 2 carts and 1 trap were stolen from the land of Mrs Eliza Good, Ballyshall, Timoleague. 

Her husband was shot dead at his own door on the night of March 10 and her son was killed on March 20.

Tenders Invited

The Waterworks Committee invite tenders for the insurance of two Lancashire Steam Boilers, two Superheaters and one 72 Tube Economiser at the Pumping Station, Lee Road. Forms of Tender may be obtained from the Secretary of the Committee at the Courthouse.

Madame X at Opera House

Samuel Goldwyn, film producer, presents Pauline Frederick in the film Madame X at the Opera House on Monday.

The film contains every element the screen version demands — romance, intrigue, pathos, humour and tragedy.

In addition, two comedies will be presented — Who’s With Baby? and A Fair Sample.

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