Blarney’s ladies golden Basketball era was incredible

Blarney’s ladies golden Basketball era was incredible
The Blarney Ladies Basketball team that won the I.C.S Building Society National Cup (first major trophy) in 1987. 

UP until 1985 women’s basketball was dominated by Dublin teams. 

Kieran Shannon in his masterpiece ‘Hanging from the Rafters’ described 1985 as a watershed in the history of the game. 

Previous to then all 13 major tournaments since the inception of the game had been won by Dublin clubs. 

Tralee defeated Blarney by two points in an exciting final after which those two Munster teams dominated into the nineties. 

Tralee began the domination but their bid for a second consecutive clean sweep of League, Top Four and National Cup trophies was thwarted by Blarney who won their first major in 1987 when defeating Belfast in the cup final. 

Blarney became ‘queens of the boards’ in 1989 when winning the first of three consecutive league titles. 

In 1991 they brought off an across the board treble. 

Blarney Basketball National League Champions 1990. 
Blarney Basketball National League Champions 1990. 

In the National League they finished ten points clear of their nearest rivals, defeated Snowcream Wildcats 86-36 in the Cup and thanks to a whopping 41 points from Caroline Forde they beat that Waterford team 86-81 after overtime in the Top Four final. 

Unfortunately, Blarney didn’t defend their titles as an internal dispute led to the breakup of the team and their great players transferred to other clubs, some to Tralee where they added to their trophy collections.

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