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Watch Padraig Harrington break the crossbar in his 'last game of Gaelic football'

Golfer Padraig Harrington was surprised yesterday when footage emerged of him breaking a Croke Park crossbar with a free during a Gaelic football match with his school, Coláiste Eanna, writes Larry Ryan.

“1st time I’ve seen this. I didn’t know the footage existed,” Harrington tweeted today, after the Na Fianna GAA Club posted the video on Facebook.

The three-time Major winner was playing in a Dublin colleges' final for Coláiste Eanna against St. Vincent's.

He impressively drills the long-range free over the bar, but not without dismantling the goal frame on its way over.

To see this post on Facebook, click here.

Harrington also played as a goalkeeper in his football days and put his dead ball prowess down to his spell between the sticks.

“You get good at hoofing a ball, when from 12 years of age you’re trying to clear your lines as a goalkeeper on cold winter days,” he tweeted.

Former Dublin star Dessie Farrell played for St. Vincent's in that decider and Harrington was assigned as his man-marker.

“Never saw someone as deceptively quick as Dessie.He turned me so fast on the 1st ball that I slipped and sprained my wrist.Still hurts today.”

And Harrington admits the tactic backfired on Coláiste Eanna, who lost the final in what he describes as his “biggest sporting regret”.

He tweeted: “We lost that day. It was my last game of Gaelic football, captaining my school team in Croke Park. Possibly my biggest sporting regret. Huge tactical error bringing me out from fullback to mark @DesmondF12 at Centrehalf back. He ran rings around me.”

- Irish Examiner