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Ronan O’Gara and Ruby Walsh tackle sports topics in front of Cork audience

At this morning's Irish Examiner Breakfast of Champions at the Clayton Hotel Cork City, Examiner Sport columnists Ronan O'Gara, Donal Lenihan, Tommy Lyons and Ruby Walsh are tackling the hot topics in rugby and racing.

O'Gara and Lenihan will look back on Ireland's Six Nations opener in Paris on Saturday and assess the rest of the campaign, as well as Munster and Leinster's drive for Champions Cup glory.

Walsh and Lyons will be reflecting on life during and after injury and sharing a few long-term Cheltenham insights.

There will be plenty more wit and wisdom besides - which you can follow with us here.

Tweet your questions using #examinersport.

Ronan O'Gara

To follow on from Ruby Walsh, Ronan O'Gara is up next to talk about the hottest topics in rugby.

O'Gara said he is delighted to be starting his next journey in New Zealand.

On Crusaders culture, he said: "Crusaders set you up to succeed. In some places they are only delighted if you fail.

"Very similar to Munster. An environment where they work hard but have fun too. If I had my time again at Racing I'd make sure there was fun."

On Joe Schmidt, O'Gara says the Ireland coach is "just relentless."

"Fascinating. He's driving standards all the time. Whatever he said, boys couldn't do it quick enough."

Donal Lenihan said: "Johnny Sexton texted me this morning. Mine was 45 yards. His was 20 yards in front of the posts. Ask Rog which one was better."

O'Gara said he believes Schmidt will make some changes to the squad before Ireland face Italy in their next Six Nations clash.

Ruby Walsh

Ruby Walsh said he is hoping for a return to the saddle in March of this year.

He said: "Everything so far is going to plan."

On the change in the racing broadcast deal, Walsh said he doesn't see the negatives.

"You might see tweak in fixtures so it works for everyone. I don't think it's a bad move for Irish racing, and I don't see the negatives.

He also said that broadcasting could be somewhere he sees himself "when the time comes."

"Media broadcasting does interest me. When the time comes I'll consider it. But it wouldn't make me retire."

"The concept of training would interest me. Could I run the business or put in the investment, I don't know."

Walsh gives an insider tip of Tornado Flyer for Cheltenham this year.

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