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Limerick deadlifter, 53, breaks two world records; credits hypnosis

By James O'Connor

After winning a gold medal and breaking two world records earlier this month, Limerick deadlifter Liam Beville credits his success to the use of hypnosis.

The 53-year-old has held the Irish deadlift record for 26 years, but after working with Enda O’ Shea Hypnosis in Limerick, he feels as fit as ever.

“The hypnosis with Enda was huge for me. Coming back after fifteen years with my hip and knee replacements, I was very nervous.

“But the process helped me to visualise my goals. It gave me a routine and I kept seeing myself breaking the world record.

[quote]After my comeback I was nervous and shaky doing the lifts, but with the hypnosis I was so calm, soaking in the atmosphere, getting the crowd on my side, and I just really enjoyed it.[/quote]

Beville began competitive powerlifting in 1986 and won several Irish and Celtic Nations Championships, but had to retire 15 years ago due to medical reasons, denying him his dream of winning a world title.

He knew his comeback was not going to be straightforward after being away from the sport for so long, and Beville knew to win a world deadlift title it would take hard work and sacrifice.

“I lost four stone over eight months. To be fair, I’m used to dieting from when I was younger.

[quote]I gave up drink completely for six months and for eight months I was on a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting. I was gradually going from three meals a day at important times down to one meal a day.[/quote]

“So I’d fast for 23 hours and then working out in between to lose the body fat and get down to my weight class. I was 90 kilos and I weighed in at 65, which is tough to do.”

Once he cut the weight though, there was no stopping the deadlift champion.

“I set a new World Record on two occasions for the 67.5 kg weight division in the ‘Masters 3’ category and winning a gold medal in the process.

“I accomplished all my life goals in Powerlifting and I could not have done this without help from Enda and hypnosis.”

“I find the older I get, the easier it gets. At 53, there isn’t many doing it in that age group. I think I just have a different kind of drive and determination.

"With a hip and knee replacement a lot of people might have packed it in, but to be honest I have the bug again to keep going.”

Liam Beville trains at LPC Gym in Limerick, and now received offers to travel all over the world to compete in more ‘Masters’ events, and would appreciate any sponsorship.