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'It doesn't bother me if they sign Neymar': Neil Warnock on Wolves' connections with agent Jorge Mendes

Cardiff manager Neil Warnock has responded to Wolves' connections with agent Jorge Mendes by saying he is not bothered if his Sky Bet Championship rivals sign Neymar.

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani has questioned the legality of the link-up between Mendes and Wolves' Chinese owners Fosun, and the English Football League is to look at the matter after a number of Championship clubs raised concern at the relationship.

Wolves do not believe they have broken any rules and have frequently said Mendes is assisting them in an advisory capacity.

And Warnock, whose second-placed Cardiff side trail leaders Wolves by six points, has no problem with a relationship which has seen several of Mendes' clients, including head coach Nuno Espirito Santo and record signing Ruben Neves, arrive at Molineux.


"It doesn't bother me if they sign (Brazil star) Neymar," Warnock said. "I wish we all had contacts like they have.

"You do get jealousies, but I'm sure most of the people bitching about it wish they were in the same situation.

"If you can get an advantage, then good luck to them, as long as it's not illegal.

"I don't see anything illegal in an agent helping a club."

Warnock said Wolves fans should be allowed to enjoy their success after "being in the doldrums for so long".

"My first game in the Football League when I got promotion at Scarborough (in 1987) was against Wolves," Warnock said.

"When they've been down for so long, let the fans enjoy it.

"Why moan about it? If I could get some of those players he's got, I'd have them.

"Mendes has got worldwide players, it was the same when I was at QPR in the Premier League.

"There were names coming at me, his players, and Wolves are using it. That's football."

Warnock has guided Cardiff into the automatic Championship promotion places with a budget way below that of Wolves.

But he insisted character rather than cash was more important in develop a winning formula.

"It's alright having money," said Warnock, who was named manager of the month for the ninth time in his long career on Friday.

"But you've still got to spend it right. You've still got to get a dressing room behind you and Nuno has got good players who are fighting for him.

"Sometimes it's more difficult when you've got money.

"I could tell you two or three clubs who have spent fortunes and I wouldn't spend any money on their players.

"We're delighted we're not far off them at this stage of the season with what we've got.

"We had to shop at the other end, but who's to say Aldi is not as good as Waitrose?

"I like going in Aldi, they've got a nice bottle of whisky in there."

- PA