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Follow the creative process as an artist carves an exquisite skull using colouring pencils

A British artist has used colouring pencils to craft a remarkable, life-size sculpture of the human skull.

The piece was created by carving artist and Instagram user skotbiscuit, and has been widely shared online for its exquisite detail and novel medium.

His work began with a collection of 646 colouring pencils glued together.


646 pencils, ready to go??

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

He then shaved and sanded the ends and sides to create one complete block.


Now i can see the wood thru the trees i can begin to visualise the skull in side the pencil block??

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

Next, measurements were taken to reproduce the scale of the human head – involving some pretty awesome old-school equipment.


This pencil skull will be 1:1 scale if this works out.

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

After rounding the shape, the artist then drew on the details to guide his carving of the skull.


Progress on the 1:1 scale colouring pencil skull #askullisforlifenotjustforhalloween

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

A quick comparison with another fake skull showed his carving was on track.


A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

Then he really got his teeth into the piece…


Made a start on the Pencil Dentistry tonight. #askullisforlifenotjustforhalloween

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

And after some final touches and a polish – voila!

The artist said he has now sold the skull, but found time for a picture with his new friend – named Wilson.


A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

However, it turns out the sculptor’s brilliance with the coloured pencil piece isn’t surprising – he’s something of an expert on the human head.

In the past month he’s also made a skull from a Magic 8 Ball.


Also rattled this 8 ball out this weekend?? sold already but i got a new box of balls on its way soon

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

And created some miraculous pieces at the beach.


Amonskull fossil, #askullisforlifenotjustforhalloween

A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on



A post shared by Sk??t (@skotbiscuit) on

If you’d like to see more of skotbiscuit’s amazing work check out his Instagram page.