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Drunk man wakes up with shock 'bill' from travel agent

Waking up bleary-eyed and dry-mouthed with a pounding head is bad enough at the best of times – but add a bill for €5,648 into the mix and things start to look a little bit worse.

After a heavy night in Cheltenham that’s exactly what greeted Will Armstrong in an envelope from travel agents Flight Centre which he later posted to Twitter.

Inside was Will’s “travel summary”, detailing a first-class flight with Etihad Airways to the Maldives he had no memory of booking.

“Thank you so much for popping in the other day”, one of the enclosed letters said, right above the amount due in big red letters – £5,289.87.

Luckily Will turned the page to find another note, left by someone called Stephen Lee, which saved both his blushes and his bank account.

“We’re just kidding. We’ve found you’re (sic) driving license (enclosed) outside our shop and thought you might need it! Just make sure you consider us for your next holiday. Take care!” Stephen wrote.

The international travel consultant, who hails from northern California, explained he had returned lost wallets a few times before and wanted to change things up a bit.

Stephen said: “I was at work on Friday and had a glance out the front shop window when I saw a driver’s licence just outside our steps.

“I basically thought I’d have some fun with this one and organise some fake first-class flights to the Maldives, hoping that this guy was actually on a night-out from the previous day.”

The pair eventually met and had a good laugh about the letter.

“We both started cracking up laughing, we then took a photo together and I said thanks for being so cool about it. He’s a pretty rad kid,” Stephen said.

Will’s post has received over 50,000 retweets – a lot more interest than Stephen was expecting his letter to get – and he’s got a thumbs-up from Flight Centre head office as a result. It’s great promo.

To top it off, Will said he’d definitely be booking his next holiday with the company – so it looks like a job well done.