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Cork City fan claims supporters were pepper-sprayed in Polish pub

A Cork City supporter has claimed that a group of fans were pepper-sprayed in a Polish bar.

Cork City were taking on Polish champions Legia Warsaw on Tuesday night in a

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Champions League qualifier.

City fan Con told The Neil Prendeville Show on Cork's Red FM that they were pepper-sprayed for "no reason whatsoever."

The 68-year-old said the British Bulldog Pub had been their local for days leading up to the match and there had not been "a bit of bother."

He said roughly 50 or 60 fans had been in the bar in the smoking area.

Con told the show that he had worked in bars all his life and that he "can smell trouble a mile away."

He said if there was trouble he would have seen it and "would have been out the door like a shot myself.

"There was no trouble whatsoever. All they [the fans] did was sing and dance. That was it.

[quote]And this young barman for some reason just came out...I was looking at him...I didn't know what it was first until he hit me. And then people started getting sick and their eyes were burning.[/quote]

"Now one guy did kick the door after. But that was after we were pepper-sprayed."

Con said his eyes were burning and he felt sick after the incident.

Describing what it felt like to be pepper-sprayed, Con said: "It's a burning sensation in your throat. You can hardly see. Your eyes burn and your throat burns.

"It's a horrible, horrible feeling.

"A lot of guys did get sick. There were two of three guys getting sick in the bar within two minutes."

A head-bartender at the pub told Buzz.ie that the fans had been aggressive and had broken a window.

He told the publication that fans had been asked to leave, but "they started to get on the tables, shouted, and destroyed wall lamps."

The fans were also warned that pepper-spray would be used a self-defence if they didn't stop.

When Prendeville put it to Con, he described it as "lies".

"We were never told to leave," he said. "They stopped serving at half past 12, that was it, and we left. We were leaving - we were finishing our drinks.

"If they had given us another 20 minutes, everyone would have been gone and there'd have been no trouble."

"It was one barman - a young fella, I'd say he was early 20s - he caused all the trouble in there. He had a fierce attitude towards the people. And he was the one that pepper-sprayed us."