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Woman in Cork VIP party rape case denies making up claim to cover up embarrassment

Update 5.20pm: A woman who claims she was raped on Jason Derulo’s tour bus denies making it up to cover her embarrassment for engaging in sexual activity.

Two men have denied raping her and falsely imprisoning her on the bus following a VIP aftershow party in Cork city in June 2014.

In her direct evidence today, the complainant, who was 19 at the time of the alleged offences, claimed a man on board Jason Derulo’s tour bus forced her into an upstairs bunk bed and raped her.

She told the jury a second man raped her afterwards, and a third said he was next before she managed to get off the bus and raise the alarm.

She claims it happened after a VIP party for Mr. Derulo and his crew following a gig in the city.

The American musician is not facing any charges.

Defence barrister Sean Guerin put it to her that she engaged in sexual activity and then tried to put together an account to explain what happened in order to cover her embarrassment and shame.

She strongly denied that was the case and insisted she repeatedly asked them to stop.

Her cross-examination will resume tomorrow.

Earlier: Court is told Cork VIP party rape accused admits having sex but insists it was consensual 

A court has heard a man accused of raping a 19-year-old woman following a Jason Derulo concert in Cork does not accept there was no consent to sex.

He is one of two men who are on trial for the alleged rape and false imprisonment of the woman following a VIP party in Cork in June 2014.

The court heard today how Jason Derulo and his crew attended a VIP party at the Savoy nightclub in Cork city after playing Live at the Marquee in June 2014.

The complainant, who was 19 at the time, was also there.

Later, she said she was invited on to Mr. Derulo’s tour bus by a member of his crew.

While onboard, she said one of the accused put his hand inside her jumpsuit without asking if he could do so.

The bus stopped a short time later, but she said this man wouldn’t let her off and brought her upstairs by her arm where she claims he pushed her onto a small bunk bed and raped her.

She claims a second accused man from Mr Derulo’s crew raped her afterwards.

She told the jury she was crying. She said she was terrified and asked them to stop.

After her direct evidence, Sean Guerin, who’s representing one of the accused, told the court his client accepted they had sex that night but said he didn’t accept it was without consent and insists no one else took part.

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