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Winning EuroMillions Plus ticket sold in Kilkenny

The National Lottery is encouraging all players in Kilkenny to check their tickets this morning after last night’s €500,000 EuroMillions Plus jackpot was won.

The lucky EuroMillions Plus Quick Pick ticket was sold last Thursday (24th May) at Carroll’s Centra store in Knocktopher, which is located 20km south of Kilkenny City.

Pic: Google Maps

Carroll’s Centra owner, Padraig Carroll, said: “We’re absolutely chuffed that one of our customers is half a million euro richer after visiting our store last Thursday.

“It’s our first big lottery win so you can only imagine the excitement in the store this morning as the good news has spread like wildfire throughout the community.

“There’s no sign of a winner just yet but the store is absolutely buzzing with hopeful customers checking their tickets to see if they have won the €500,000 prize.

“We’re going to enjoy the celebrations today and we wish our lucky winner all the best with their new found fortune.”

A spokesperson said: “It’s another great result for our players this morning and we can’t wait to welcome our 14th EuroMillions Plus winner of 2018 into our famous Winners’ Room next week.

“If you are the lucky ticketholder, be sure to sign the back of the ticket and contact our prize claims team on 01 836 4444.”

This is the 14th Irish EuroMillions Plus top prize won this year. The EuroMillions jackpot was not won last night so it rolls over to an estimated €65m for next Tuesday’s draw.

- Digital desk