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Three Lotto winners collect almost €1m between them; one vows to get tattoo and piercing

Three winners have collected €900,000 from National Lottery HQ today.

A Cork painter and decorator, Leslie Condron from Blarney, came in to collect a cool €100,000 he scooped on the National Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle.

Also, a Cavan-based Polish national picked up a cheque for €250,000 won on a Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket while a Kerryman left the Winner’s Room €550,000 richer after scoring big on Lotto Match 5 Plus Bonus.

Mr Condron was accompanied by his wife Kathleen and their children Alex, Stephanie and Andrew on the trip to Dublin to claim his winnings.

Speaking on the win Leslie said: "It’s fantastic. I heard on the radio news bulletins on New Year’s Day that somebody in Blarney had won so I grabbed a cup of coffee and checked the results on my phone and there was my number looking back at me.

Leslie Condron picking up his €100k Lotto winnings today.

"I’ve been playing Lotto since the start and I always check my tickets. You go through the motions and never expect you’ll win. We’re all stunned."

Leslie, who bought his ticket in the Centra Filling Station, Shean Lower, Blarney, Co. Cork, revealed what will happen to the money.

He said: "I will pay a chunk off the mortgage and we are going to have a bit of fun with the rest.

"We have family in Alicante so we are all definitely going to visit them. I’m also going to upgrade the car too and sure we’ll see what happens then."

Meanwhile, Piotr Katwa claimed the second top prize of €250,000 in the Christmas Millionaire Raffle draw.

Piotr, who is originally from Gdansk and married with two children, has been living in Cavan since 2006.

Piotr Kotwa picking up his €250k Lotto winnings today.

He bought the winning Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket in shop he manages, Tarpey’s Supervalu on the Cootehill Road, Cavan.

He said: "I was talking to my boss, the SuperValu owner, who let me know that the National Lottery had been in touch to say the store sold the second top prize ticket in the Christmas Millionaire Raffle.

"I pulled my ticket out and scanned it and it told me to contact the Lottery. I then went online and was shocked to see my number under the quarter of a million prize.

"I am so, so happy and even though I’m not sure what we will spend the money on it is a fantastic start for the New Year for myself, my wife and our children."

Also through the doors of National Lottery HQ was a Kerryman, toasting his amazing start to the New Year.

He collected a cheque for €552,182 won through online play for Lotto Match 5 plus Bonus from the Lotto draw on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

The lucky online player - who revealed he also won just over €1,500 after matching 5 numbers on Lotto last summer - said he will mark his win by getting a tattoo and a piercing.

He said: "I’m going to look after my wife and kids but I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo and a body piercing but never got around to making a decision.

"I’m thinking if I don’t do this now, when I’ve won this lovely amount of money, I never will so that’s what I’m going to get done now.

"Apart from this the rest of the money will be spent wisely."