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This veterinary hospital’s approach to signage is just too punny

An animal hospital in the US is entertaining customers with a hilarious take on advertising.

The Harvest Hill Veterinary Practice in Oklahoma City regularly puts up funny signs to amuse passers-by and encourage them to use their services.

Locals and customers have been sharing the photos online, to applause from the social media community.


Our vet is the best. ??

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Strangely, the innovative advertising signs began with a not-so-positive reaction from a member of the public.

“About five to six years ago I came up with a sign that read ‘Fleas and Ticks Suck, ask us about prevention’,” owner of the hospital and veterinarian Dr Mark Reser told the Press Association.

“Not all that funny, but a decent pun. We had a few people comment on it, and actually one complaint, which oddly made me decide to continue.”

(Harvest Hills Veterinary Hospital/PA)

“One mother called and told us she did not appreciate our sign since she was trying to teach her young child not to use that kind of language.

“I realised that that meant she took the time to read it and remember it, so even though she was offended I figured that meant that people were paying attention and would be more likely to read if it was funny.”

Reser admits he and the team have found it difficult to come up with rib-tickling signs all the time, so have turned to the internet for inspiration on occasion. Lately one of the team’s veterinary technicians, Kayla, has taken over the reins.

(Harvest Hills Veterinary Hospital/PA)

The signs have been a big hit with customers. In fact some have taken them rather literally.

“We had one sign that read ‘Free exams for Penguins’ and a lady made a penguin costume for her dog and brought it in, we gave her a discount for effort.”

(Harvest Hills Veterinary Hospital/PA)

Reser says he doesn’t have a favourite sign. “I like bigg mutts and I cannot lie” and “Watch me snip, now watch me spay spay” were commented on the most, though not original.

“Our current one is a Game Of Thrones one which says “A Lannister always spays his pets”.

He does still have a fondness for the sign that kicked the whole venture off. “Even though ‘fleas and ticks suck’ was not our funniest, it was my first, accurate and original so I am fond of it.”