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Sights and sounds from day 3 of the Beast from the East

Day 3 of Storm Emma saw the nation really enter the belly of the Beast, but that didn’t dampen peoples’ spirits as they made the most of the snow.

There was no silencing the music in the west as the tunes played on in Sixmilebridge, County Clare, where a few gigs and reels kept the cold at bay.

Some famous faces made an appearance in across the border in Limerick, but not as you’ve ever seen them before…

Speaking of firsts, it has been a week of these for many, as children and puppies witnessed their first snow, but not least for Eileen Maguire who was spotted on Sweeney's Hill in Cork hitching a lift yesterday.

Deborah Maguire caught this action shot of her mother-in-law Eileen yesterday as she sped down Sweeney's Hill with Jack Maguire

Sleds and skis seemed to be the best modes of transport today, as people took to the slopes, and the flats, to make their way through the deluge.

The above intrepid arctic explorer didn’t have many options when it came to getting around, with public transport not in operation and driving conditions too treacherous.

The freezing blizzards brought the country's roads and railways to a halt, but it now looks like Irish Rail might need some boats to ferry commuters in Dublin...

Passengers aren’t getting anywhere fast in Cork Airport either, but it remains a hive of activity as crews work to clear runways and holiday-makers bed-down in the hopes of catching the earliest available once airports reopen.

There was no lazing around either for these lads in Cork today, who were hard at work building this roomy igloo in Blackrock.

But it wasn’t all work and no play, as these kids lived their best snow-day lives in Tuam, County Galway.

Even the adults got to enjoy themselves, as a little blizzard wasn't going to stop the patrons of Wicklow Golf Club from teeing off this afternoon.

Finally, to wrap up the action from the third day of the Beast from the East, here are compilations of some of the pictures taken by our staff photographers and sent in by readers. Enjoy!